BJY Studio is a small, intimate dance/theatre studio that helps students develop skills through collaboration, creativity, and self expression. 

COVID allowed me to ask myself what's next?! I started to rediscover all the things that ignited my passion for dance. Musicals, HBCU halftime shows, African American dance pioneers, and the art of creating. I wanted to capture all of the raw emotion, creative energy and excitement into well designed products! Products that look like me and celebrated the journey of how I got here! We have a lot in store, welcome to BJY Studio's first collection! 

Brittany J. Young   

Brittany J. Young is a multi-disciplinary artist, and entrepreneur. She holds a BA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University. Brittany is a highly qualified certified teacher who has taught and created programs in a variety of settings. (Public school system, community center, private studios, home school systems, college and contract work.)

Her mission as a dance educator is to establish a safe and knowledgeable learning environment where both student and teacher feel encouraged to collaborate, experiment and grow.